Click on the images to select or unselect images you want to average together and click on the “View Average” button to see the average of the images with red borders.

These images are available open access (CC-BY-4.0) at: DeBruine, Lisa & Jones, Benedict (2017). Face Research Lab London Set. figshare. doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.5047666.v3. The neutral front images have webmorph templates, so you can morph or transform them.

Averages may take a few seconds to display. The more images in an average, the longer the average takes to make. All of your averages will be displayed below.

Learn about scientific research on facial averageness or view a gallery of the latest averages made by our users.

Average faces are deleted after 10 minutes, so please do not link to your creation.